Explainer Video Production Process

Explainer Video Production Process

Explainer video production process comprises of a few steps and a team of experts. The animated videos are usually short and fun, ranging between two and three minutes long. Depending on the message you want to put across, they can be longer or shorter. They should be charming so that they can present themselves as appealing to the audience. Most people prefer buying products after they have seen the animated videos that market those products. Explainer videos do best when trying to gain customers and increase sales. At all times hire a proficient video marketing company to make your video so that you are certain that you are receiving excellent work. Below, find the step-by-step process of producing explainer videos:

 Consider Clients Brief.

The first step of the process usually involves trying to understand what your client needs. You can issue them with a questionnaire to fill to have a clear picture of their business entity and video requirement. All artists involved should get an idea of what is expected of the customer. Although the scriptwriter should be the most involved, the whole team should participate in hearing out the clients demands.

• Research and brainstorming.

It is important to conduct secondary research to understand the brand better. After gathering all the pertinent data, the info is explained effectively to the storyboard artist and the animator. When they get a clear idea of what is expected of them, they should try to picture the graphic storyline with the scriptwriter. Then the characterizations and other photographic elements are animated.

• Scripting and voiceover.

The explainer video script is drafted and directed to the customer for approval. Normally, a one-minute explainer video script contains approximately one hundred and fifty words. If the client approves the script, it is then recorded as a voiceover upon which the video is fashioned.

• Storyboarding and illustration.

Storyboarding involves making sketches of the various sections in the video, setting by setting. The process is done according to the script. When the artist is done, it is sent to the client for approval. After sanctioning, the storyboard is colorized and once again sent for approval.

• Animation and sound effects.

Soon after the client approves the fully illustrated storyboard, the animation course commences. Bringing all the motionless storyboard rudiments to life is not an easy procedure hence time-consuming. The voiceover should go along with the animation to ensure proper coordination between the audio and the visual. Lastly, the animation is combined with the voiceover together to form the final audiovisual. If need be, the sound effects are added to improve the general video quality and to contribute to producing elusive humor.


This is the final step whereby, after the client’s approval, the final animation video along with its source files is delivered to the client. It could be sent in any format as the client wishes although the MP4 format is mostly used.

The above process is usually time-consuming. If you need an animated video for your existing business or your startup, you must be patient despite what video style you pick. Therefore, to get a captivating video, you cannot rush the production team. Most experts tell you in advance approximately how much time it will take them to conceptualize and build it. The main objective of using animated explainer videos is to explain and uniquely market products. It is a cost-effective means of boosting up sales and increasing a product’s popularity in the market. Most people tend to retain an audiovisual message compared to an audio message. Animated videos have a potential to form an immediate connection with the target customers.