Three Ways to Use Explainer Videos that You Probably Don’t Know About

Three Ways to Use Explainer Videos that You Probably Don’t Know About

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If you have never heard of explainer videos, then you are in for a big surprise. These short videos, usually between 60 and 90 seconds, are the perfect tool to use whenever you want to present a new idea, a product or a service that you are offering. You can take this video and use it in meetings, post it online and on your business website and so on. There are some great possibilities as to what you can use an explainer for and in this article, we will talk to you about a few of the different uses that these videos are great for.

Explaining processes

There is nothing more difficult to explain that the process of how something is supposed to work. A good explainer, whether it be a whiteboard, live-action or a simple 2D animated explainer, will be the perfect way for you to break down any process or idea that may be super complicated and present it in a way that is very easy to understand. Think of this as a lesson in school where you got to watch a fun video of the topic instead of having the teacher talk for an hour. In the same way that you got excited for the lesson, your audience will be excited to watch the video and get all of the necessary information in a fun way.


When you have a complicated product, the last thing that you want to have your customers do is read through a super long manual or hunt down information about how to use the product online because that is something that no one wants to do. Creating explainer videos is a great way for you to offer a very easy demonstration of how the product works by creating a step-by-step tutorial or some kind of lesson-format video. These videos are super popular and that is backed up by the fact that research has shown that 6&% of people prefer to watch an instructional explainer over reading a boring manual.

Product overviews and introductions

If you want to introduce a new subject, concept or a new idea in a way that is succinct, then a good explainer is the perfect tool to use. Regardless of whether you want to give a quick overview of a new product or service that you are launching or a complete look at your company, an explainer of any type will be an easy way for you to attract the audience and have them really understand what that product or your company is all about. This is also one of the reasons why explainers are such a popular choice for startup companies, the fact that they can completely promote their brand with one simple short video.

As you can see, the possibilities that you have by using explainer videos are big and there are many different uses to them. No matter what you want to say and what you want to present to the world, a good explainer can definitely do the job and help you get your message across in a simple way and all that you have to do is decide which style of explainer will be the best one for your business.