Top 3 Ways to Create Your Own Brand Whiteboard Explainer Videos in 2018

Top 3 Ways to Create Your Own Brand Whiteboard Explainer Videos in 2018

Whiteboard Explainer Videos

Whiteboard explainer videos are by far the most popular type of explainer out there and that is because of the simple fact that they are very recognizable. The whiteboard with the hand drawing the interconnected drawings with the black ink pen or marker on it is something that everyone has seen and it is a form of video that people really enjoy watching. Whiteboard videos are actually one of the few explainers that are pretty easy to make on your own, and a great software is just the right kind of help that could help you take your video on another level. So, if you are interested in a few great options, then keep on reading this article.


We mentioned that these videos are great because of the recognizable and classic elements, but this software gives whiteboard explainers a twist. Instead of having the hand drawing on the board using a black ink pen or marker, instead, you can see the hand dragging the different elements of the video across the screen and then simply swipes them away. The software has a lot of lightweight vector images and a bunch of different animated characters that are the perfect additions to any explainer video and that will help you make your video in a style that is very interactive and visually pleasing so that is attracts even more customers.


The claim of this software is that they will let you create some stunning-looking, high-definition, whiteboard explainer videos with animated elements, and that is exactly what they let you do. One of the best things about this software is that you really don’t have to have any sort of technical know-how in order to be able to create a stunning whiteboard explainer and that is because the software is very easy to work with. Another great thing about this software is that it will actually let you edit and make your whiteboard video by using over a thousand royalty-free images and music options that will come with VideoScirbe. On top of getting the images and the music, you will also be able to customize them if you want to and that whole process is super easy as well.


One of the most interesting and unique features that this software will offer you is the ability to add your own audio clips and pictures and then use them when making your own whiteboard explainer and that is a feature that isn’t very common. Something else that is also very useful about software are all of the very precise editing tools that you get and those alone are something that makes this software worth checking out.

Finding the right software can be just what you need to make the best whiteboard explainer videos, and since these videos are pretty easy to make anyways, every tool or feature that the software will bring you will simply be a bonus. However, all help is welcome when taking up a project like an explainer video, so definitely check out the options above and start creating.